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Taxi transfer to Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is 4.2 km long and 1 km  at its maximum width. It is a glacial lake dammed by a moraine.
The largest of the streams that flow into the lake, the Savica (‘little Sava’), is fed from Črno jezero (Black Lake), the lowest-lying lake in the Triglav Lakes Valley. The outflow at the eastern end is the Jezernica creek which merges with the Mostnica to form the Sava Bohinjka, which in turn becomes the larger Sava River at the confluence with the Sava Dolinka. As found out already by Belsazar Hacquet in the 18th century, much more water leaves Lake Bohinj than enters it, which is explained with subterranean sources of water.

Bohinj began opening up for tourists years ago, with natural attractions being the biggest draw.
It has become a starting point for tourists for day trips, for walks on the trails that run throughout the valley, and for mountaineering and climbing tours. It is also associated with the nearby  Railway, which includes the Tunnel.
In winter the valley becomes a winter sports centre for skiers, snowboarders, ice climbers, as well as ice skaters on Lake Bohinj. During the summer, Lake Bohinj is frequented by swimmers, and with the Sava Bohinjka River, kayakers and fishermen as well. Biking, trekking and climbing are also typical tourist activities in the area.

From Ljubljana city to Bohinj
distance 76 km, driving time 01:10 min, price  57 €
From airport Jože Pučnik to Bohinj
distance 60 km, driving time 00:50 min, price  57 €
Wait times of our drivers amount to 10 € per hour. The ride back is free of charge.

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