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Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport!

If you’re traveling to Ljubljana, Jože Pučnik Airport is most likely the place your plane will be landing, and you will probably be in need of a ride if you wish to get to a hotel or other place of temporary residence comfortably. While public transport is unreliable, uncomfortable and can often take very long, taxis are the perfect form of transport that provide comfort and speed.

Whether or not you are staying in Ljubljana, Jože Pučnik Airport is probably the closest one to you, and it can basically take you anywhere you want to go. Positioned about 20 kilometers to the north west of Ljubljana, Jože Pučnik Airport was open for business on Christmas Eve, december 24th of 1963, and has since constantly provided travellers with it’s services.

Don’t get confused by it’s name! Even if you hear it being called the Brnik Airport, it’s still the same airport, it’s just acquired the new name of Jože Pučnik Airport in the last couple of years.

Even though it is pretty close by, it’s still sometimes hard to access, especially via public transport, which can get really uncomfortable when you have to haul luggage on and off of it. However, even if you’re not in Ljubljana, Jože Pučnik airport is accessed most easily by a taxi cab. We can provide you with the best taxi service in Slovenia.

Our drivers are punctual and friendly and even if your ride does not start in Ljubljana, Jože Pučnik Airport will soon be appearing on the horizon. The trip will seem like no time at all, because you will probably be engrossed in conversation about the most beautiful places to visit and sights to see in Slovenia and abroad. Our drivers often take on the role of tourist guides, providing travellers with the best information about local food, culture and all the other things that one must encounter to really feel the vibe of the country that they are in.

We know the stereotype around taxi drivers: they are always speeding, they are not very friendly and they tend to overprice their services any chance they get. Our taxi drivers will surprise you.

When you arrive in Ljubljana, Jože Pučnik Airport, the taxi driver will be waiting for you, holding a card with your name, so that you can easily find one another. The driver will take care of your luggage. Even if your flight is early or late, the driver will be at the airport to pick you up and the precise time of your arrival, because they meticulously check the flight information of their customers. They will pick you up drop you off at any place you want.

What more there is to say? We are the best and we will treat each and every client the way that they deserve. Check out our prices and decide on the service that best suits your needs and funds. And don’t forget: travelling is about having fun and being stuck in traffic is not fun! In our taxis you will arrive at your destination on time and ready for new adventures.

About us

The working of our company goes back to the previous century. Over the years we have gained the trust of a great number of customers. Our drivers are reliable, friendly and tidy and know every corner of Ljubljana and Slovenia. We also have long-time experience with transports in Europe. We constantly take care of the fact, that you come to reach your destination on time and safely. With a good knowledge of foreign languages (English and/or German) and an examination in touristic fields our personnel are not only your drivers but also when necessary your touristic informers.
We are distinguished by punctual arrivals and a short reaction time.

Why us?

  • check Because we have long-time experience.
  • check Because our regular customers are numerous Slovenian companies.
  • check Because our regular customers are people from Europe who frequently return to Slovenia.
  • check Because we have a regularly checked and impeccably clean vehicles.
  • check Because you can communicate with our drivers in one of the world languages.
  • check Because we offer the best service for a very good price.

Ways of Payment

– in cash
– by credit card
– by Moneta (for subscribers of Telekom Slovenia)
– postponed payment on a monthly basis for contract customers (companies registered in Slovenia)
– original receipt for companies
– purchase order for indefinite time, which is non-binding but still always at disposal

 Prices of our services

booktaxi Slovenia

Our prices are fixed. We charge no night rates, we do not charge the amount of luggage and potential road tolls with international transports. On advance orders you will pay a pre-arranged fixed price.

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Contact – order

If you want to book a transport just send an order
For all the other information you can contact us at info@taxi-airport-ljubljana.com.
Your orders will be accepted also via text message and phone number.

Phone number : +386 70 720 414


Have a look at our additional offer. All the prices are valid at order in advance (internet page, mobile phone, text message, email). We confirm your order with an email or a text message.

The wanted destination is not in our offer? Please send an inquiry and we will send you our offer in the shortest time.


Do you want some additional information? Please send us an email or call us.

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